Monday, December 14, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Week 9

8 comfortable - 12/7/15

Creaky at the start as usual.  This ended up being too fast - no excuse I just went too fast.  Was surprisingly warm out so not exactly what I was looking for but wasn't bad.  Need some serious rest and relaxation tonight for the fast 6 tomorrow.

6 strength - 12/8/15

Did a mile warm up for this one and I think that really helped in terms of being relaxed during the run and keeping my heart rate down overall.  Even though overall this was too fast and I could feel I was running fast it never got uncomfortable (well at the end going up the hill was not pleasant) and felt very doable.  Was supposed to be 3x2 with 800m RI but as usual so far since I can do the milage best just to do it all in one shot.  
Gloves were a good call this morning.  Did I mention REST DAY TOMORROW????

REST - 12/9/15

Wow these rest days go by WAY too fast.

9 tempo - 12/10/15

This was unfortunately something of a failure.  Went too fast - on a relatively flat course - and just could not get up the final half mile of the final hill at 8.5 miles so turned around and just ran the last half mile downhill.  
I basically just mentally psyched myself out of that last bit - I was pretty tired around mile 7 and starting thinking about the last hill so by the time I got half way up it I was mentally done (not to mention physically pretty beat up too.  So that was disappointing.  
I think the Big Lesson here is I need to slow down and find a marathon pace that is realistic.

6 easy - 12/11/15 

Really tried to keep this comfortable and under control which I think I mostly did.  The heart rate monitor I have is really all over the place lately.

8 comfortable - 12/12/15

Legit elevation on this one but tried to keep it reasonable.  Sorta like the hills better than just flat - certainly keeps things more interesting.

19 long - 12/13/15

This was supposed to be 16 but wanted to better practice goo and water strategy.  Grabbed my local sherpa and really kept the pace totally reasonable until pushing it a little at the end.  Had a 6 minute bio-break at 10.5 but this was a very reasonable run.  Goo'd at 7 and 14 and starting taking a gulp of water every mile starting around 15.  Worked out pretty well - all 19 on the Carlsbad marathon course including the bulk of the elevation (I think).

Recap and next week...

About 59 miles this week - only 5 weeks until the Big Day.  This week is really just the fast 6 on Tuesday and 9 tempo Thursday.  It really is becoming increasingly important to find a marathon pace!  
Although disappointed with the 9 tempo am encouraged that the 19 went pretty good.  On to Week 10!


  1. Mark do not concentrate to much on pace!
    The first 3 marathon' goal should be to be a finisher with over
    90% of easy running. Not focused on time but arrival.
    Especially first have of the marathon should not be to fast or you
    pay it on the last 10k.
    Godd luck for your next marathon!
    I have done over 20 marathons and 4 ironman.

    1. Ha yes I try not to concentrate on pace but it's very hard not to!
      For sure I want to just finish happy but I would also like to run to my potential and get a good time! :) thanks!

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