Sunday, December 6, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Week 8

11/30/15 - 6 easy

Back still sore and stiff and OMG the first couple miles (especially the first half mile) was a total joke.  I must have looked like a puppet or something creaking along trying to loosen up my back and legs and hell my entire body to be running again after the 16 yesterday.  Did not really feel into this run AT ALL until mile 6 when things finally got looser.  Ridiculous.  No idea what's going to happen tomorrow for 6 miles of fast.

12/1/15 - 6 strength

Nice and chilly out - low 40s I think.  Wore gloves.  That was good.  Back slowly getting slightly better - not quite as sore/stiff this morning.  Wanted to stick closer to 7:20mm but it was so cold out I was initially running just to keep warm.  This was hard no lie.  Tried to keep it under control and it was most of the time but I was pushing it for sure.  Did I mention REST DAY TOMORROW??
Was supposed to be 1.5x4 with 800m RI but it was too cold to slow down.

12/2/15 - REST

Sweet glorious rest.  Back still sore and stiff but it is improving slightly each day.  Already afraid of tomorrow's tempo 9.

12/3/15 - 9 tempo

No lie this was tough in spots.  Lots of up and down the first half of this run plus up a legit hill at the end really kicked this one up a notch.  Fortunately running with a friend who did a great job of keeping us (close!) to on pace.  Still a tad quick which was good because I don't think I'd be running another 15 miles at that pace on that route!  As always, glad to have that one in the books.

12/4/15 - 6 easy

This was -not- easy!  The time in strava is off - it marked me for the first mile maybe .2 mile before an actual mile.  Think maybe the rest of the miles are correct as somehow the total milage is correct around 6.4.  Definitely felt this one and did not mean to go fast - was surprised at the paces if they are correct which I don't think they are.  Need to slog through 10/10 this weekend.

12/5/15 - 10 long

The (early) morning after our company Holiday Party wasn't really sure what (if anything) I was going to have to this one.  My friend wanted to run up the local high spot like we did 2 weeks ago but this time the switchbacks instead of the fire road that goes straight up and almost killed me.  When I first woke up hung over I thought 'no way' but 30 minutes later I was out the door.
So this actually turned out to be pretty fun.  The trail up is still plenty tough and needed several stops but the view at the top is fantastic and the run down is really fun.
About 1200' elevation for this one - happy to have survived.

12/6/15 - 10 easy

After yesterday really wanted to do something nice and flat.  So did a boring run along the beach (well you can only actually see the ocean for maybe a mile even though we were running right next to it - there are houses and hills and trees blocking the view most of the time.  Anyway started at the southern most tip of Calrsbad Marathon route and headed south 5 miles and back.  Ponto to the Kook and back if that means anything to ya.

Just about 50 miles for the week - next is week is pretty much more of the exactly the same.  Fast Tuesday, Tempo Thursday, and then 16 long Sunday.  Cannot believe the marathon is like 7 or 8 weeks out.


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