Monday, December 21, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Week 10

6 easy - 12/14/15

After the first couple miles (especially the first one) went by very creakily this run actually felt pretty good.  It was pretty breezy and cool out so that certainly helped plus went a new way for several miles so that may have helped too.
Good to get the blood pumping and hopefully be ready for tomorrow's fast 6.

6 strength - 12/15/15

Probably not the smartest move but just went for it - not quite all out - but went pretty hard.  Thought I'd get close (or best) my 10k PR but did realize is was 41:25 (Dec. 2013) until after I finished and looked it up.  I went 41:40 today - had I known it was 41:25 I might have pushed it further but probably for the best as this was plenty fast.  According to 'the plan' this was supposed to be 3x2 with a 800m RI.
I really need to get my paces right pretty much starting NOW.   I don't think running a 6:42mm 10k is really going to help my marathon in 4+ weeks at this point.

REST - 12/16/15

Wow this is the fastest day of the week.

9 tempo - 12/17/15

The last of the 9 miles tempos - sure going to miss them.  Up in NoCal for this one - nice and chilly outside.  Really tried to keep it reasonable - I knew I was going a bit fast so tried to slow it down a bit miles 7 and 8 but was happy a speed back up a bit for mile 9.  7:09mm average is of course too fast.  SO starting NEXT WEEK with the strength 6 and the tempo 10 (OMG) I WILL cut those times down to something much more reasonable.

6 comfortable - 12/18/15

Went too fast but felt ok and wanted to get it done - STAR WARS this afternoon!!

10 easy - 12/19/15

This was certainly not 'easy' with over 1500' of elevation BUT it was a fun run up and down with a NEW WATCH!  Hanukkah came a little late this year for it but it finally did how up - a shiny new Garmin 235 - no more having to strap on an external heart-rate monitor.  One less thing to keep charged and remember to bring to work - yea!!
So far I think it's more accurate as I haven't had the 'first 2 miles my heart rate is at 100% max' phenomena that I usually have with my Sosche Rhythm strap I've been wearing.
This new watch also has daily activity and sleep monitoring which is pretty cool.

12 comfortable - 12/20/15

This was an interesting run.  Was out at the neighborhood holiday party the night before and ate WAY too much junk and drank WAY too much beer so that was unfortunately.  This was supposed to be 10 but wanted to run a bit more on the Carlsbad marathon course including the 'big 'hill' up and down Palomar Airport Road so this ended up being 12.
Took a gu at 6 - as well as a bathroom break - so the second half of this run was significantly faster than the first half (not to mention the second half is almost entirely downhill).  The last couple fast mile felt ok.
A belated Hanukkah party tonight and then NO MORE heavy eating and drinking until AFTER the marathon!  With one month to go it would be nice to try to eat healthy food and avoid all (most?) of the garbage...

Recap and looking ahead...

Exactly 50 miles for the week.  Now things start getting serious - I think this coming week is THE peak week with 8 Monday, fast 6 Tuesday, rest Wednesday (also known as the fastest day of the week), a big TEN tempo Thursday, some amount of mileage Friday and Saturday with the Big 16 on Sunday.  
So TEN tempo Thursday, did I mention that?  I HAVE to hit reasonable paces for that and then figure something about the Big 16 on Sunday.  Did I mention xmas is Thursday with wife's family in town staying at our house this WILL be an interesting week!!


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