Sunday, November 1, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Week 3

6 miles - 10/26/15

This went fine - too fast but felt good.  Ran it at work during lunch and was a tad warm but felt comfortable.  Concerned going too fast was going to wreck my track day tomorrow.  Averaged 8:03mm yikes.

Ladder - 10/27/15

Was really worried about this one - seemed like a lot of speed work.  So worried in fact I went to bed early (~9pm) and woke up at like 4:30am.  Was originally going to do this at work at the UCI track (like last week) but was semi-concerned about the warm weather (supposed to be in the 80s) so wasn't really looking forward to that.  SO I just got outta bed and jogged to the closest, flattest, longest stretch of road near my house to pound it out on the concrete.
It was nice an cool out (in the 50s I think) and it all went GREAT.  About as good as it could have gone.  My paces were good and it all actually felt doable and not very uncomfortable.  Will sleep early and well tonight!
It went .25 .5 .75 1.0 .75 .5 .25 with .25 rest intervals.  Averaged around 6:30 which was great as I was going for 6:40.  Had about 1.5 mile warm up and a 1.75 mile cool down.  ALL GOOD.

7 miles - 10/28/15

Runs after a track day are tough.  Tired to stay relaxed and pick as flat of a route as possible.  Also tried to stay on asphalt or dirt as my knees were sore after yesterday's workout which was entirely on concrete sidewalk in minimal shoes.  Wore the maximal shoes today and tried to keep to softer surfaces and think it helped.  Ended up at 8:18mm - still a bit too fast.
Now I'm in a desperate race to recover for tomorrow's 7 mile tempo - that should be fun!

7 tempo - 10/29/15

This was ridiculous - way too fast - ended up 7:05mm.  Had about a 15s rest at the top of the hill at mile 3 waiting for traffic and at the end couldn't face running up the final hill so avoided it by running a flatter route.  Was worked at the end.  Now REST!

REST - 10/30/15

Sweet sweet rest.  Stayed in bed until AFTER the sun came up - woo!  Tomorrow for my 14 want to run on the Carlsbad Marathon course up and down the big hill (Palomar Airport Road).

14 long - 10/31/15

Ran along the Carlsbad course - up and down the big hill of Palomar Airport just like I hope to.  Wasn't too nasty but a long way of mostly uphill with about quarter mile of steepness at the top.  Felt  good until the last 2-3 miles then it was just grinding it out.  Happy to get in the full 14 - no stops, unfortunately had no water and no gus.  Future long runs need to starting working on nutrition.

8 easy - 11/1/15

Ok this did not turn out to be that easy-  Mike wanted hills so up and down we went - pretty much no flat - all up and down.  About 800' worth depending on which site ya look it - seemed like a lot more to me :)  Threw in a half mile for speed at mile 7 'for run'.  Was rough going up the big hill for a bit but fortunately recovered pretty good after that.

Ended up close to 52 miles this week - a great week.  Need to slow down!!  Looking forward to a doable week hopefully.  7 mile tempo on Thursday will again be the heavy hitter.  Need to dial in marathon pace.

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