Monday, November 23, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Week 6

6 easy - 11/16/15

Biggest news: I rolled my right ankle right at the beginning of this run and felt some things 'twang' in there.  I kept going, hobbling for about 20 yards, and then things got better.  Now several hours later it's sore and I'm hoping a good night's sleep will pull it together as I've got a hard track workout tomorrow (3x1 w/600m RI).  
After that the run went pretty well - felt good - tried to keep it easy.

3x1600 600 RI - 11/17/15

Well wasn't looking forward to this.  Didn't really want to do it.  But just went and did it.  Went pretty well - well, well enough.  Felt ok the whole way through but was pretty tired at the end.  Got it done is about all there is to say I think.  Thinking this was the LAST track workout helped!

6 easy - 11/18/15

Good early morning run on some new paths.  Hope have enough left in the tank for tomorrow's tempo.  Ended up with more elevation than I bargained for at 685'!

8 tempo - 11/19/15

Enlisted the help of a friend to help me try to keep this run at marathon pace (I'm still not sure what exactly that is - but thinking 7:30-7:40).  Well he did pretty good as we ended up at 7:20 average with some nice elevation thrown in (500').  So overall think this went pretty good.  Felt under control the whole way (except that last half mile up hill!) - was definitely comfortably fast - verging on slightly uncomfortably fast.  Felt the best around 6 miles in going slightly downhill for about half a mile.
Wore the HRM to check heart rate - averaged 160bps which is too fast for sure so will need to slow down to make it 26.2 miles - probably need to WAY slow down to make it 26.2 miles!
Tomorrow is the last of the Friday rest days as for the rest of the training my rest day moves to Wednesday.  So over the course of the next week (Thanksgiving!) I'm giving myself TWO whole rest days - tomorrow and the following Wednesday.  Then back to 6 days/week runnin' - fun!

REST - 11/20/15

Just chillin' like a villain.  Sore.  Gearing up for a hilly 10 tomorrow.

10 long - 11/21/15

This 'run' - if you could even call it that, was the longest 10 miles of my life.  We foolishly decided to try to run some trails near our houses up a hill/mountain/ceiling of the world.  Instead of finding the switchbacks up we found the path that led straight up.  There was walking.
The view from the top was spectacular - except for the even higher peak a mile or so off but that would have to wait for another day.  My calves were screaming.
I was pretty much totally destroyed by the end of this run and had no idea how I would walk, let alone run, another 10 tomorrow.

10 comfortable - 11/22/15

Was extremely sore from the previous day's insanity so had no idea how this run was going to go.  We ran on the Carlsbad Marathon course so it was pretty flat (especially after yesterday!).  After a mile or so fortunately I fell into a rhythm and pretty much just cruised the 10 miles.  Felt pretty good and comfortable during the run.  What a difference a day (and 1000' LESS elevation) makes.
Happy to get this run done and 'tackle' the rest of my day at the Chargers game - get it????
The Chargers were beyond destroyed by the Chiefs and lost humiliatingly - so that sucked.  But it was my son's first NFL game and he was pumped.  If he even had a shred of Charger fandom in him this game certainly destroyed that.

And with that just under 50 miles this week.  Happy to have it in the books.


Out in Palm Desert for Thanksgiving - and the word there is FLAT.  Flat flatty flatterson.  Will get in the first two runs on Monday & Tuesday around here and they rest out in flatsville.  Which sounds spectacular to me as my calves are still screaming from Saturdays pounding.
Also hit the by '16' miles this week on the long run AND I'll be switching over my rest day from Friday to Wednesday.  Already looking forward to that! 

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