Saturday, January 16, 2016

Carlsbad Marathon Week 14

Welp this is IT!  Marathon in 6 days arrahahahghghghahahag!  Must take it as easy as possible this week.

REST - 1/11/16

Had 6 miles on the schedule today - not happening.  Feel like I want to rest after the 8+8 this past weekend.  May go for an easy 5 or 6 tomorrow.

6 easy - 1/12/16

Really challenged myself to run this easy around 9:00mm and did it!  Hope to do the same tomorrow.  Wish all of my easy runs were this easy...

6 easy - 1/13/16

Wanted to get 1 mile in at around MP - check.  Think this is the last run until the marathon.  Scared shitless.

REST - 1/14/16

It's shut down - had a 30 minute massage which I've never had so hoping that'll do something spectacular - felt good.  Glad I had it today so I have a couple days to recover from that!  Oof getting close.

REST - 1/15/16

Friday - 2 days to go - had a nice walk this morning with the wifey.  Right knee feels a bit odd but probably because mentally I'm a basket case.  Think I'm going through the 6 stages of grief or something.  Planning on keeping the feet up as much as possible.

REST - 1/16/16

Thought about going for a short run but as I didn't have time in the morning I just bagged it.  Went to the expo and got my bib and talked to the 3:25 pacer - there's actually two of them - one will take over at 13.1.  Anyway the starter's plan is straight 7:40 miles all the way though - slowing down a bit up the hills and speeding up down the hills.  While I'd like to average 7:40 no way my first mile is going to be 7:40 so I guess (hope) I'll catch up to him eventually.
Anyway that was a little disheartening to hear how fast the 3:25 guy was going to go - he wants to 'bank' time which is exactly what I do not want to do so I guess I'm not starting off with that pace group!
Just need to make it to 13.1 in relatively decent shape where I meet my friend who is going to run the second half with me and try to keep me at 7:40 from that point on.  Sure, why not???
Feel pretty good - eating potatoes and trying to take it easy.  Wish me luck!

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