Monday, January 11, 2016

Carlsbad Marathon Week 13

Ahh lucky number 13 - the last 'real' week of training - cannot BELIEVE it.  Wow.

8 easy - 1/4/2016

Really REALLY wanted to go slowly - like sane slowly - like between 9:00-9:30mm pace but could not make that happen.  So that's disappointing.  Felt pretty good overall though.

6 strength - 1/5/2016

Last speed workout!!  Was supposed to be 6x1 with 400m RI but turned it into almost 6.5 miles 'fast'.  After last weeks debacle felt good just to get out and run fast for 45 minutes.  Plus was about to start dumping rain so needed to get this done before that.
Felt good, tried to keep it as relaxed as possible.  Wanted to run a bit slower but this felt ok.  Was pushing it but not too much.  Plus REST DAY tomorrow!  Only one more 'big' run on Thursday and then it's time to relax and let the magic of rest take over - I hope.

REST - 1/6/2016

It's dumping cats & dogs here - great day for a rest day.  But really, what day wouldn't be a great rest day?  Tomorrow looks pretty dicey for my final 10 tempo with the rain dumping and all.  Going to be interesting.

10 tempo - 1/7/2016

Well for good or bad, hook or crook, it's done.  Averaged just under 7:20mm for the 10 miles with a warm up and cool down mile.  It was too fast, gawd my pacing sucks.  Pacing was pretty good the first half but sort of just unleashed it the second half of the run.  Maybe just wanted to get through it as THIS WAS IT.  
This run went better than last week's which really sucked the life out of me - for this one I was absolutely more in control and felt myself pushing it towards the end - looking forward to going slower 'for real' race - and the only way that will happen will be to stay with a pace group.
It's now time to taper - 10 days until LIFT OFF at Carlsbad.  Still looking at 7:40mm for the marathon but since I pretty much have never run at that pace it'll be interesting.  However I don't really plan running at that pace - planning on starting slower and speeding up towards the end but really who the hell knows.  For now, REST and RECOVER and stay HEALTHY for next Sunday.

REST - 1/8/16

Ha!  This was supposed to be 7 easy but I BLEW IT OFF!!  Yeah ya heard me!  Right knee a bit sore, but sure I could have done this but I'm taking the day off baby!!!!  Yeah!!!  Woo!!!!  Take that Marathon Training Plan!
Early weather predictions for Marathon day look pretty good - 20% chance of rain and 10-15mph wind - well ok not that great but still 9 days out...

8 comfortable - 1/9/16

Wanted to run a bit on the course but am getting pretty sick of it so went a slightly different path.  And on that path I got 'pulled over' by a copy for jaywalking while I was running!  Very dumb on my part as I ran against a light literally right in front of the cop.  He took my info and called it in but thankfully did not give me a ticket.  I did find out he is working the marathon next weekend so that was fun :|
Anyway made an otherwise uneventful run very eventful!  Got a little confused when I got pulled over so the mile split on mile 2 is goofy but no big - fun run!

8 comfortable - 1/10/16

Wanted to run on trails to reduce knee pounding - trails were nice and soft and felt good even if I went too fast.  ONE WEEK TO GO.  Now need to keep the feet up and REST.


About 42 miles this week - winding it down and taking it easy.  Am now on a strict no booze minimal sugar nothing stupid week.  Can I make it through the week with those restrictions?  
Marathon is LOOMING and I have no idea if I'm ready or what a realistic pace may be.
I've done all of the workouts so in theory I'm ready right?
Need rest and need to be ready to CRUSH it next Sunday!


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