Thursday, October 15, 2015

Carlsbad Marathon Training - Week 1

Here is what week 1 training looks like:

Monday: 6 easy
Tuesday: 5x1k (400m recoveries)
Wednesday: 7 easy
Thursday: 6 marathon pace
Friday: rest
Saturday: 12 long
Sunday: 6 easy

NO PROBLEM :)  I have been running only about 25 miles/week so this will be a big jump.  I have run this amount of weekly miles before - so hoping my body will lock in!  Well... here's hoping!

Monday 10/12/15:
Since it's hot as balls and was too lazy to get up early had to do Monday's workout on the treadmill, which I really no not enjoy.  Fortunately it was only 6 miles.  However those six miles took more out of me than I imagined they would.  Maybe because I haven't had a lot of sleep lately but I HAVE had a lot of beer.  Need to cut that out/slow that down significantly for training.
At work we have these super-fancy treadmills - which are way to super-fancy frankly - that have these 'soft' 'outdoor-like' surfaces which I swear make them much harder to run on - and at any given speed they feel way too fast due to the soft surface I think.  Plus they vibrate ridiculously.  So I hate them.  They are Woodway and are allegedly 'really good' but I prefer the old fashioned ones thank you very much.  These first world problems are horrible I know.  Well got the 6 miles done here - a bit over 6 miles around 8:43mm.
Now this is my watch (Garmin 220) attempting to determine distance via my stride.  Which on a flat road works pretty well, but on a treadmill at a 1% incline not so much.  So I didn't actually go that far nor that fast.  Went closer to 8.13 miles so closer to 9:00mm.
Is it only me or do I always like to run an even amount?  In this case stopped at 55 minutes exactly.  Lame.

Tuesday 10/13/15:
2 miles warm up outside - very warm out.  Then 5x1k at 9.0mph with 1% incline on the treadmill.  400m rest intervals at 4mph.  It was doable but was happy when it was over!  Did I mention I really do not like the Woodway treadmill?  So about 4 minutes of running with a 3:30 rest interval.  See the madness here.  Followed by 1 mile cool down outside - which was very hot so not so cool.
Did I mention I'm happy to have this workout behind me?  I really do NOT like speed workouts!  However they are probably exactly what I need.

Wednesday 10/14/15:
7 'easy' - (strava) well that was not as easy as it needed to be.  Went too fast for starters - exactly what I did NOT want to do.  The real test will come tomorrow when I have 6 at MP.  The piper will be paid.  Maybe sushi and beer last night for dinner wasn't the best idea.  Not too warm out but pretty humid.

Thursday 10/15/15:
6 tempo.  Woke up 3 minutes before my alarm was set - that's a win already!  Run went ok - biggest problem was it was too fast and I could not 'find' my pace of 7:38 and ended up ~7:17.  Not sure I could have gone another mile at that pace so I really need to be able to 'lock into' my 7:38 pace.  For me it's all about the first mile.  Whatever I pace I go that mile sets the tone for the rest of the run and I went out too fast and could get not my bearings after that.  REALLY looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!  I get to sleep in until 7am!  Woo!  Strava

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